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Barcelona Physiotherapy

Here is a podcast I made with Lucie Lanham of Oh Mother Where Art Thou.
Tips and strategies for coping when pregnant and beyond!*** Episode 7 ***
Self-care tips and stretches for busy mums - Lucy Hackney - Ep7
Episode 7 of
Oh Mother Where Art Thou,
a parenting podcast
with Lucy Hackney Barcelona Physiotherapy from Barcelona Well Woman Centre
Lucy Hackney is an English mum of two kids with a welsh boyfriend, they moved to Barcelona 7 years ago. Lucy is a physiotherapist helping all ages relieve their aches and pains and specialises in working with pregnant and postpartum women.
In this episode we talk about Lucy's job as a Physiotherapist and her family life and birth experiences. We chat about the early motherhood stages, preventing issues and fixing problems - what is your pelvic floor, what are kegals and how to do them and what is your core. Lucy tells us about stretches necessary for all mothers of young children! We chat about Diastasis rectus, hypopressive exercises and Mamifit. Lucy tells us about examples of self neglect and then she answers your Real Mum questions. Basically she tells us to look after ourselves!
Listen, follow us and get involved, join the conversation.
Do you have aches and pains since having children? Do you have back issues from breastfeeding, buggy pushing or carrying your baby?
Also features MAMIfit.Barcelonaelona
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Barcelona Physiotherapy

Physically active people are 45% less likely to develop symptoms of depression, and many studies show even just one exercise session can lower anxiety and make you feel calmer. The effect is similar to meditation or taking medication.

On #WorldMentalHealthDay it's important to remember the benefits of physical activity for those suffering from anxiety and depression.
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Barcelona Physiotherapy

Procrastination. Anxiety. Lack of motivation to follow your passion.
Emotional unbalance. Indecision. Feeling overly concerned with the opinion of others.

Any of this sound familiar?

There are so many ways that your level of self-confidence can affect your life.
You might be the loudest person in the room but find it difficult to show your emotions to those close to you.
Or you could be an introvert who clams up whenever you need to speak your truth to more than two people.

I believe that although all of this is can be part of being human, and can come and go throughout life (healing is a spiral not a straight line),
it doesn´t have to define your experience.

My self-confidence, or lack thereof, showed up in all of those ways and controlled my life (I know the introvert role well!) until I found a meditation tool called Breathwork, which changed things deeper and faster than I thought possible.

Breathwork is an active meditation technique which brings you into an altered state of consciousness where you can release negative thoughts, and express emotions bottled inside. It ends with a rest phase, a state of deep relaxation and connection to your heart.
You leave the session feeling lighter, more open, and trusting in yourself.
We will explore what true self-confidence means and the ways that lack of confidence can show up in your life.
We will use Breathwork meditation to clear the emotional body.
We will explore how meditation can be used to reconnect you to your personal power, wholeness, and strength.
Why might I need Breathwork?
If you are ready for change. If you want to release old stories and ways of being from your cells. If you are tired of struggling and fighting. If your busy brain can be so strong that meditation where you simply close your eyes and try to let go just doesn´t seem to work for you.
What happens in a session?
During a session you are comfortably lying down. Music, essential oils, and cleansing sage create a healing atmosphere, as you become deeply grounded in your body. From here the breath technique carries energy to places where you are stuck, and I guide you throughout, using words, imagery, and my intuition.

Some practical bits
Booking can be made at, and I´m happy to answer questions at
30€ is payable online when you make your booking.
Wear anything comfortable that you can easily breathe in, and bring a notebook and pen.
You don´t need any experience, Breathwork can be as effective on your first, or 100th time!
English and Spanish-speakers are welcome.

More about Zoe

“Combining her own fearlessness with an eye for the beautiful and a commitment to joyful growth, Zoe has created an experience which is important and enjoyable in equal, great measure….on reflection I have rarely felt as much love or as loved as I did amongst Zoe and the others on the course. Its spirit, focus and energy surges through my life today as I continue to learn about the immense resources we all carry around within us." (Pelham, Education)

“Zoe’s way is centred and caring; she holds a space in which I felt able to be incredibly vulnerable without shame or judgement. And in such holding, I was able to release old pains and suffering....eternal thanks!"
(Ella, English and Yoga Teacher)

I am a Breathwork Guide, Reiki Healer and Emotional Healing Guide, helping people to remember who they are and connect to their power and truth.
I work with people who instinctively know that any life change they are longing for starts by looking within themselves, and for whom a life of passion, purpose, and creativity is a prerequisite to feeling at home in the world.
Using meditation and intuition to get straight to the root, I work with people as they release their trauma, and mental and emotional blocks.
Many clients I work with have, though their family or culturally, absorbed truths that were never their own, and come to me when they are ready to shed patterns of thinking and behaviour which no longer fit their soul.
It is so common to learn that you need to solve your problems with mental effort and willpower, even once on the road of self-improvement.
In healing work, when your spirit feels safe and your body is deeply relaxed, you can easily connect to a much simpler and greater source, which cuts through confusion and pain, empowering you beyond measure in all areas of your life.
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Barcelona Physiotherapy


Low back pain is common in occupational groups including nurses, office workers & manual workers. Much of the focus has been on the nature of the work i.e. the physical aspects of the job. The general assumption is that lifting, bending, sitting etc are the "drivers" of back pain in these groups. However there is now a significant amount of research that challenges this idea. Here is a recent paper from Prof David Coggon's group that looks at this issue. The paper highlights two important issues:

1. Despite workers performing similar jobs, the prevalence of disabling low back pain varies greatly between different countries.

2. People who experience disabling low back pain also report pain in multiple other body sites.

3. Pain occurs together with other symptoms including diziness, nausea, chest pain, shortness of breath & hot/cold spells.

The findings are important. They suggest that people who are at risk of developing back pain are those who are at risk of developing pain in general. In other words, it appears that we are dealing with a pain problem, not a back problem.

Ref (open access):
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